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Matthew Ragogna

Certified Life Coach, MA, BSM


MY NAME: is Matthew Ragogna and I am the founder of Niagara Youth Life Coaching!

MY MISSION: is to help youth achieve their goals and work on areas in their life that they may want to improve or excel at! Why be bored when you can be always challenging yourself? Why settle for average when you can be great?

MY MOTIVATION: comes from seeing youth accomplish goals that they may have had their sights set on but never been motivated enough to attempt them. Being able to make a difference with youth in today’s world can give them greater goals in life and push them to constantly be improving and adapting to change around them.

MY MENTALITY: as a certified Life Coach from the world-wide recognized Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) is to provide a different perspective that kids may not have considered when dealing with different barriers that approach them. Moments happen very fast in life, and there are always some instances when you wish you could have been more passionate about an opportunity that could have led to something bigger. Setting realistic goals, monitoring them, and constantly raising the bar is what pushes us to continuously strive to be better in what we do. It is my job to help facilitate these strategies with youth on goals they want to accomplish!


I am a M.A graduate in youth sport coaching and coaching efficacy in addition to my BSM (Sport Management) from Brock University. I have been working with youth for over 6 years in an academic, athletic, personal, and career environment. Previously, I was the captain of the Brock Men’s Volleyball team, awarded the 2017 OUA Dale Iwanoczko Award Recipient (Athletics, Academics, and Community Service), a 2016-2017 Academic All-Canadian, and 2017 President’s Award Winner. I am currently the Technical Director for the Niagara Rapids Volleyball Club.

Targeted Areas of Focus 

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem 

  • Procrastination and Time Management 

  • Goal Setting and Motivation

I look forward to hearing from you! 



Here is what some clients had to say about Matt ... 


"Matt came into our life at a critical point for my son. He was dealing with disappointment and overall trust issues. Working with Matt freely gave him the confidence to progress being the young man he wanted to be. Today my son is happy, confident, goal-oriented, and content; his experience with Matt through the life coaching program has been massive for his overall growth and development as a young teen!"

- Andrea

"Matt is an amazing person. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking his youth coaching services. Matt has strong leadership skills that truly motivate not only the kids but the parents who see him in action as well. He's committed to success not only for his own life but towards the young lives he has and continues to inspire!"


"To any parents reading this who need a tag team partner in your quest to help your kids become the best they can be, Matt is your guy! So excited for you, Matt! This business is such a good fit for who you are, as a high energy guy with a passion for helping kids find success in life and sports"

- Shawn

20180705_210717_HDR_Film1 (6).jpg

“I really enjoyed my time with Matt. He is easy to talk to, funny, and he's a good listener. Matt helped me focus on the positive things in my life, instead of the negatives. By working with him, I was able to improve my work habits at school, as well as at home”

- Carter, 13

"Right from the moment they first met, Matt's positive outlook and friendly demeanor really resonated with our son. Whether they were talking about school life, sports, friends, or family, Matt encouraged our son to celebrate the positives of each day. By acknowledging daily “wins,” he was no longer getting hung-up on the negatives, or let downs, that are a part of life. We truly appreciate Matt's work with our son, and consider him a role model, mentor, and friend"

- Jon and Francie

"Matt is easy to talk to, fun to be around, and is always outgoing and makes me laugh"

- Levi, 11

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"The effects of Matt’s influence on our son were almost immediate. He came out of the first meeting feeling inspired and energized. He took his weekly exercises seriously and would often engage in lengthy conversations about what he learned from one of his sessions.

His new perspective helped him to step out of his comfort zone and try new things as well giving him the confidence to become more vocal in the classroom.  He became more self-reliant and dealt with setbacks and disappointment with greater maturity and understanding.
I feel overall this experience has been very beneficial to our young man and can’t think of any child who wouldn’t benefit from this program"

- Lee Ann

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