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Building Championship Habits Youth Program

Does your child have a friend or sibling with them that want to partake in a leadership journey to building championship habits? Championship habits encompass the growth of skills, motivations, and decisions we make on an daily basis that reflect our personal goals, behaviours, and goal setting strategies towards success later in life! This program is designed for those who are nervous with one-on-one interactions or who may not need specific life coaching; but can benefit from developing as an all around growing teen!


Participants: Can be done as a group of two or three (max), ages 8-18

(Individual Participation also Available).

Who can join your child: Considering some young friends to join your child? How about ... Siblings? Fellow athletes on a sports team? Friends at school or a best friend that they enjoy spending time with? One of your own friend’s children? There are so many options!


Where: YOUR (or friends) local home, face-to-face online (if not local), or an arranged meeting place (can move around)!

Timeline: Once a week - flexible for holidays and previous commitments. Times will be setup before the first session to ensure that all parties are available for the length of the program.

Duration of Session: Each session will approximately be one hour in length.


Topics Include (Set in packages but not limited to):  

  • Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Resource Identification

  • Positive Self-Talk, Time Management, Leadership

  • Procrastination, Confidence, Organization

  • Academic, Personal, and Athletic Goals

This program IS available for individuals. Please contact for more pricing options if interested. 

What to expect in these coaching sessions

During the sessions, the youth coach will work with the group to identify different challenges, barriers, and resources to different tasks. With new topics every week, kids will be given work to do and strategies to try in their daily life while closely monitoring and evaluating their progress. Having opinions and thoughts of ones peers can promote a more motivating and invested interest to work on goals at home while having the support and similar goals as a sibling/friend! 

Cost of Program (tax not included):

Half-Slate (5 Sessions) OR Full-Slate (10 Sessions)

A) Half-Slate (2/3 persons): $350.00/$300.00 per person

B) Full-Slate (2/3 persons): $650.00***/$550.00 per person

*** MVP Deal = Most Valuable Program ***

Siblings that register together will receive additional savings. Packages are flexible and payment plans can be discussed.

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