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Overall, I want to help your child reach their goals, whether that be by navigating through a process or result oriented outcomes. My personal drive and motivation is based on their willingness and passion to succeed themselves in different areas of life. This program is all about the CLIENT (ages 10-22) and guides youth to develop an action plan, identify potential barriers, and experience their OWN success!

Cost of Program 

Packages are designed based on total sessions and can range from 4, 6, or 9+ meetings! All packages are discussed between client and coach and then properly modified to match cost and duration. Each client is different so each package can vary! 

Starter Packages begin at: 

  • 4 sessions x 45 min – $320 

  • Contact to find out about more larger, flexible, and saving packages! 


Delivery Method 

  • Face-to-Face in YOUR home

  • Online Video Calls through a reliable server

  • Based on comfort of client and type of meeting, sessions can also take place in a public location (Tim Horton's, Starbucks)

In your home: I will come to you directly! Depending on additional travel, an extra fee may apply based on your location (5.00-15.00 per/session).

One-on-One Youth Coaching 

Topics and goals will vary based on age. Some popular areas of life coaching include: 


  • Setting Realistic Educational Goals

  • Study Habits and Time Management 

  • Post-Secondary Pathways


  • Mental Toughness

  • Goal Setting

  • Routines and Competition Management

  • Practice Habits


  • Social and Leadership Skills 

  • Individual Interests

  • Motivation and Self-Confidence


  • Job Searching

  • Mock Interviews

  • Networking

Youth Transitions 

  • Grade 8 - High School 

  • High School - Post-Secondary 

  • Moving 

  • Coping with Change

What to expect in these coaching sessions

During the sessions, the youth coach will ask a selection of questions to get an idea of where any barriers lie, establish what kind of attitudes and values your child holds, and work out what actions are needed for them to move forward. While some will need a hand held throughout the journey, others may only need to be pointed in the right direction.

The first session will compose of identifying the values, honesty, and initiative required by both parties to make this experience meaningful and successful. Additionally, every subsequent meeting will include a follow up on previous goals/tasks/strategies previously discussed to evaluate their effect and impact on goals. 

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