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EXAM SEASON: Stay Focused with Summer Around the Corner

So it’s almost the end of June and that means that summer is just around the corner. It might mean family vacations, time at the beach, hanging out with friends, but it usually means no school. But that’s still a week away. You and your kids should be excited for school to be finished, but you can’t let the last weeks of class just breeze by.

That’s easier said than done, though. So here’s how I keep the youth that I’m working with focused when summer is almost here.

Help make focusing easier.

Being able to focus is one of our Championship Habits. It’s something that takes time to build up to, but it’s not just on your kids to get there. You can easily help out with making the last school sprint easier to focus on.

Get rid of distractions when they present themselves. Don’t keep a cluttered workspace where homework or studying needs to get done. Understand what your child needs to get accomplished in these last days.

One of the best ways to help both you and your child focus is to plan it out. Get out a calendar and write down the last projects and tests that need to be completed before the end of school. By visualizing what’s left (and crossing them out when you’re done), focusing on specific tasks becomes a lot easier.

Make Time for Fun

It’s unrealistic to think that kids will be able to just do work in this last stretch, especially when the weather is so much nicer than it has been. They will want to go out and see their friends, enjoy the weather and get some fresh air.

The trick is to balance your time between work and play. Even as adults we struggle to do this, so you might learn a thing or two while helping your child.

If you’ve already planned out what needs to get done, try to get the bulk of the work done in the middle of the week or on rainy days. Odds are you won’t be able to get it all done for the weekend or on dreary days, but being able to get out of the house, spend time with you and their friends, and just have fun will help them be more productive throughout the week.

It Will Be Worth It.

Try and help your child visualize their goals. Come the end of the month, there will be a much greater sense of satisfaction when you can look back and see that you accomplished everything and you did well while you were doing it.

Encourage your child to persevere. The summer months will be a lot of fun and they will have plenty of time to relax. Treat it as a reward for their hard work throughout this last month.

As an added bonus, keeping your child motivated will help develop your child’s work ethic, which will benefit them when they start their careers down the road.

We all know the feeling of losing focus when a break is coming up. It’s every Friday afternoon at work or the whole week before your vacation. Getting to the finish line can feel impossible, but it’s so satisfying when we get there.

Encourage your child to persevere through these last couple weeks, then prepare for an amazing summer!

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