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See what even more clients and parents have said about their experience through Niagara Youth Life Coaching! 

"You can never have too many positive influences in one’s life.  Matt was just that.  A positive role model, a friend, a mentor, all the above; this is Matt.  Matt's level-headed approach, and down to earth vibe, made it very easy for our child to learn and develop and just be himself throughout the coaching sessions.  One of the most amazing things I saw because of Matt and our son’s time together, was the focus on positive self talk and what to do when things don't go as planned, ultimately holding himself accountable for his actions and setting himself up for success. Watching him implement a few key learning's into his every day life really made a big impact on his overall success in the program; not to mention that when he was finished each session with Matt, he was always in a great mood, positive, happy, and refreshed!

I can't say enough about Matt and his leadership qualities, very refreshing!"

- Laura

"Matt has made a great impact in my life in the way he taught me leadership skills ... and he has put me on the right track for my future"

- Josiah, 16

"Matt is passionate about the whole person – he encourages them to get to know themselves ... physically, emotionally, and socially. He invests much time and interest in each person individually. Matt guides kids to discern their strengths, challenges and obstacles so they can develop a course of action to obtain their goals not just for sports but for life itself. He is a coach, mentor, great role model, and a friend!"

- Sharon 

"Matt helped me boost my confidence to another level before my teams big provincial tournament. He gave great insights for me to understand the mental side of sport and how I needed to tell myself I was a good player and a crucial part of the team. I ended up earning a starting spot in the playoffs, where we ended up pulling off an upset and beating the second place ranked team in the quarter finals; and, later on, winning the bronze medal. This is just one of many times that Matt has used his positive attitude as an influence on me. He's always there to talk not just about sport but even life. He's someone that I look up to and constantly learn from. I definitely would not be the person or player I am today if it weren't for him". 

- Kole, 15

"I first met Matt more than three years ago when my son tried out for a volleyball team he was coaching. After years of rep hockey, my son was transitioning to volleyball and Matt was instrumental in his decision-making process. Matt helped to build his self-confidence and to bring out his leadership qualities. I would highly recommend Matt as a life coach in helping with goal setting, leadership development, and transitional stages."

- Carmen

"Our teenage son has never been a great communicator, and would stonewall when pushed to express his feelings.  There came a point in his teenage life where he was having trouble sorting out his thoughts and feelings, and internal negative chatter became frequent. We contacted Matt in hopes that he could help breakthrough our sons wall and coach him through these emotions. It was not long before Matt was able to gain our sons trust and was successful in getting him to communicate.  Matt has been coaching our son for 4 months now, and we can already see that our son is shifting away from the internal negativity and is now more motivated to set short term goals.  After completing the short term goals he has a sense of accomplishment, which in turn has strengthened his self confidence"

- Nadine

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